Top 10 Kayaks for 2011

Kayak beginners and enthusiasts alike are constantly looking for the best boat for their adventures. While there are plenty of different models that are available for the 2011 season, there are only a few that can truly provide you with the style and quality you are looking for. Whether you are looking for a kayak for open water or for whitewater, for beginner paddlers or advanced experts, you will find it here. This top ten list breaks down some of the best kayaks in every field, helping you to count down to the best kayak of the 2011 season.

#10 – Emotion Glide Kayak

  • The Emotion Glide Kayak is one of the most popular Kayaks on the market for 2011, and is at #10 on this list for good reason. The Emotion Glide is known for providing beginners and recreational users with a near perfect design. The kayak is known for being wide with a strong V shaped hull, making this one of the most stable kayaks on the market. Perfect for the single paddler, the kayak is nearly 10 feet long, with a width of 28 inches. Lightweight, the Emotion Glide Kayak comes in at 37 pounds.
  • This makes the Emotion Glide one of the most lightweight and convenient kayaks on the market. The kayak is easy to move around and even easier to transport because of its compact size and low weight. With an oversized cockpit and an adjustable seat, both beginner and recreational users will be comfortable and secure in the kayak.
  • Different options are available for those who are looking for unique colors. The 2011 Emotion Glide comes in both 2011 blue and 2011 green. Both colors are bright and vivid, keeping you noticeable and visible on the water.
  • While this specific vessel is not right for more serious users, it is the perfect option for anyone looking for a simple and yet stable kayak. With a weight limit of 225 to 275 pounds, this is clearly a kayak that is meant to be used by a wide variety of individuals. This is what makes the Emotion Glide a part of this list at #10.

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#9 – Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top – 2 Person Kayak

  • The Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top Kayak makes the #9 spot on the list of the top 10 Kayaks for 2011 for a myriad of reasons. This is a kayak that is clearly for those who are starting to get into the world of kayaking, or those who are simply looking for leisurely, relaxing trips.
  • What makes this kayak stand out among the rest is the two person seating found on this inflatable kayak. Do not let the inflatable nature of the vessel fool you — it can hold up to 595 pounds. This kayak is stronger than it looks and more professional than you may expect. At 13 feet, 1 inch long and 3 feet, 1 inch wide, this Sevylor Inflatable is large enough to provide enough room for both individuals in the kayak.
  • The inflatability of this particular model is what makes it truly unique and a big player on the 2011 kayak market. At 31 pounds, this two person vessel is clearly lighter than many of the other two person vessels on the market. And because it is inflatable, storage is simple and easy. Those who are worried about the inflatable nature of the kayak should know that it features Double-Lock Valves to help keep the air in while you are exploring the waters. It also features the Airtight System that is exclusive to Sevylor, another safeguard in keep you safe and secure on the water. The Sevylor Inflatable Sit-On-Top 2 Person Kayak is at #9 because it is one of the most convenient models on the market.

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#8 – Folbot Kiawah 13 Kayak

  • Want a kayak that you are able to pack in a backpack? The Folbot Kiawah 13 kayak is the perfect candidate, providing campers and travelers with the highest level of portability and convenience possible. These characteristics have helped to land it at #8 on the list for 2011.
  • Users are going to be able to fold the Folbot Kiawah 13 kayak into a bag that measures 41 inches by 18 inches by 10 inches. The kayak and backpack are lightweight and easy to carry, coming in at 32 pounds. This portability does come with a price, however, as the max load for this particular kayak is 200 pounds.
  • Despite the potability of the boat, the Folbot Kiawah 13 is easy to use and decently large in size. The boat is 24 inches wide by 13 feet, 3 inches long. The Hypalon and Polyester hull makes the boat stable, waterproof, and powerful despite the portability of the boat.
  • This specific boat is still powerful and useful despite the convenience, featuring a waterproof bow and stern deck. The boat is known for hitting hull speed quickly and easily. This model is a strong kayak for 2011 because of the portability it offers while still providing a quality kayaking experience.

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#7 – Emotion Edge Kayak

  • Intermediate users finally have the perfect kayak for their paddling needs, thanks to the Emotion Edge Kayak. The 2011 model is the second Emotion kayak on the list of the best of 2011, but is a strong option with different characteristics. Emotion simply knows how to tailor their vessels to their particular users. Intermediate users benefit from this model because of the smaller size and level of speed available.
  • The main selling point of the Emotion Edge Kayak is what the company refers to as the “Quadra-Plane” hull of the vessel. The hull makes it easier for users to turn the boat, while still allowing for confident and powerful paddling during the actual use of the kayak. This allows for good speed in the kayak without sacrificing stability and predictability, a strong combination for intermediate users.
  • The Emotion Edge Kayak is fairly convenient for users, coming in at only 37 pounds with a strong weight limit of 275 to 350 pounds. The cockpit opening is something for intermediate users to note, as the 21 by 51 inch opening is larger than many kayaks, providing easy access to the seat.
  • In true Emotion fashion, the Edge comes in a wide variety of colors for the 2011 season. The model comes in blue, granite, yellow, green, purple, orange, and red. The fun colors, intermediate focus, light weight, and Quadra-Plane hull make the Emotion Edge Kayak one of the best kayaks for this year.

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#6- Hurricane Kayaks Category 5 Kayak

  • Serious paddlers need a solid boat for training, a boat that can provide speed and stability while offering incredible maneuverability. The Hurricane Kayaks Category 5 Kayak provides exactly that, easily recognized as one of the top training kayaks for 2011.
  • The main benefit of the category 5 kayak is the control that it provides to the paddler. The boat features a Swede Form Hull, the perfect hull for those who are looking for easy maneuvering and tracking. Simply put, this kayak is going to provide you with the turning and maneuvering you need for your strong training regime. You will be able to easily navigate through areas of rocks and obstacles with ease and simple edging, as the boat is one of the most responsive on the market. On top of all of this control, the boat offers great speed. The light weight of 43 pounds, the slender size of 15 feet in length and 23 inches in width, and max load of 200 pounds sets paddlers up for speed.
  • The Hurricane Category 5 also provides some convenient options that make this the best training option on the market. The boat features a recess to hold GPS or HRM technology safely and securely. It also proves thigh pads that provide both control and fit to the paddler. With a more comfortable seat and back band, the Category 5 easily settles into #6 on the list.

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#5 – Sevylor Fastback Inflatable Kayak

  • There are a lot of recreational and professional kayaks out on the market, with few providing the ruggedness needed by many taking a kayak out on the water. The Sevylor Fastback Inflatable Kayak is one of the top models of kayak for the 2011 year because of the shear convenience and ruggedness of the model.
  • This inflatable model uses 30 Gauge PVC to create an incredibly powerful, strong, and rugged vessel. Sevylor backs that power up with a bottom covering 840D Nylon material. While the kayak may be inflatable, it is one of the most rugged on the market and is perfect for those who are looking for a kayak with a purpose. Perfect for anything from camping trips to fishing trips, this kayak can handle the elements and handle whatever waters you put it in.
  • The size of the Fastback helps to make it convenient as well as rugged. At less than 36 pounds and less than 11 feet long, the Fastback is easy to stow away and yet easy to ride and use. While rugged, the kayak is still comfortable an inviting, with neoprene guards that offer padding and a dual-bladder hydration system for the convenience of the rider.
  • The Sevylor Fastback Inflatable Kayak seems to fill a void that few kayaks can manage to fill. The kayak is rugged and strong, yet comfortable and convenient enough to be a joy to use. This combination is what makes this the #5 boat on our list of the top 10 kayaks for the 2011 season.

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#4 – Dagger Axiom 8.5

  • Serious whitewater kayakers need to work to make sure that they have a boat that they are comfortable with. The Dagger Axiom 8.5 comes in at #4 on this list of the top 10 Kayaks of 2011 because of the strong comfort and fit the model provides. The Digger Axiom provides plenty of room for those who would consider themselves larger-sized kayakers while still providing security and stability for smaller paddlers.
  • The Axiom is customizable in multiple ways, including the contoured hip pads that the rider can easily adjust to their liking. The boat also features an adjustable foot brace and adjustable thigh braces, providing the perfect fit to paddlers of different shapes and sizes.
  • This kayak isn’t all about adjustable and comfort, however, as it features the length, width, and weight needed to tackle whitewater with precision and control. At 8’6” long and 25” wide, the vessel is small and easy to maneuver. The weight of only 44 pounds makes this a simple and easy boat to move around in the toughest conditions. Turning on a dime and quickly controlling your tempo on the water is possible with the Dagger Axiom 8.5. This control, along with the adjustability of the boat itself, makes it one of the strongest kayaks on the market.

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#3 – Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Angler Kayak

  • The second of the Sit-On-Top models on this list, the Ocean Kayak Trident 15 Angler Kayak is getting rave reviews for its professionalism, stability, and convenience. As the only kayak specifically designed for anglers on our list, the Ocean Kayak Trident 15 truly keeps the fishermen in mind in terms of size, glide, and convenience.
  • The Ocean Kayak Trident is large enough to provide an incredible amount of stability on the water. The kayak is over 15 and a half feet long, and is nearly 30 inches wide. With a seat width of 17 inches, the boat provides room for anglers of any size. The boat is 60 pounds, but can handle over 550 pounds of weight. While you may sacrifice a little bit of convenience and portability, you have the size and stability needed to hold a lot of gear and stay level on the water.
  • This specific boat is not for beginners, designed with intermediate to advanced paddlers in mind. The boat provides the different deck rigging options that a serious fisherman needs to navigate the waters with ease. You will find surprising speed with this model, as it is designed for aggressive fishermen who go after their catch. The polyethylene hull is strong through choppy water, keeping you stable as you navigate the waters. The stability, speed, and size of the Trident make it the best choice for anglers for 2011 and help to land it at #3 on this list.

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#2 – Wilderness Systems Tsunami 14.5 Ocean Sea Touring Kayak

  • Professional kayakers and those who are more serious about their kayak trips need something strong and stable to take through more difficult trips. The Wilderness Systems Tsunami 14.5 Ocean Sea Touring Kayak is just the kayak for those needs, helping serious paddlers to get the strong features they need mixed with the comfort they long for.
  • One of the major reasons that the Wilderness Systems Tsunami comes in at #2 on our list of the top ten 2011 kayaks is the speed and stability that it offers. Most serious paddlers will find that more expensive kayaks tend to provide stability without power, or speed without comfort. This is one of the models that can offer both.
  • For instance, the kayak features a deeper hull than many professional touring kayaks. The boat features a bow hatch with a 10’’ diameter and a stern hatch that is 18.5’’ by 12.5 inches, giving you optimal performance on the water. The kayak is comfortable, however, with a large cockpit that is perfect for different sizes of individuals or for anyone looking to pack a lot of gear for their trips.
  • It is important to note that this kayak is more for touring trips and not for the most difficult water conditions. Long and slender, this kayak is perfect for gliding through the water and enjoying your surroundings. The Wilderness Systems Tsunami is going to give you the adjustment systems and controls needed for a more professional ride and yet provides you with a comfortable ride. This combination is an important aspect of the Tsunami that makes it one of the best brands and models of the year.

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#1 – Liquidlogic Remix XP10

  • Serious kayakers and paddlers are going to want to attack some of the harshest and roughest water conditions, and need a kayak that can handle these waters. The Liquidlogic Remix XP10 is known for being one of the premier whitewater kayaks. This model is different, however, in the sense that it provides the speed that kayakers want and need on open water. The Liquidlogic Remix XP10 takes the number one ranking on the list of the top 10 kayaks for 2011 because of the quality it provides in both whitewater and open water.
  • The most interesting aspect of this crossover kayak is the way the boat handles the skeg. The skeg is spring loaded, giving you the control that you need to meet your conditions. The skeg provides important tracking for those who are cruising in open water. It can be put away from those who are looking for agility and maneuverability when tearing through white water. The hull of the Liquidlogic Remix XP10 is a little wider than usual and features an extended waterline to provide paddlers with the stability they need in both open water and whitewater.
  • Beginner and intermediate kayakers are going to find the comfort and versatility they need to handle a wide variety of conditions. Serious paddlers looking for a training kayak or a leisure kayak can pick up the Liquidlogic Remix XP10 and be impressed. This is what makes this kayak the top kayak of 2011.

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